Hi, I'm Jillian Nichole.

I am wife and mother, artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer based in New England of the USA. I am endlessly inspired by nature, divine femininity, and the experiences of life. I view the world with a childlike wonder and love the idea that magic is waiting to be discovered just around the bend... just barely out of sight, in the corner of our eye.

Because of this, I love creating illustrations and pattern collections based on folktales, fairytales, and mythology and find such joy in using a pattern collection as a way to illustrate a story. I create artwork, illustrations, and patterns that are dipped in magic. I am a true maximalist at heart and my artwork is intricately detailed with a whimsical and ethereal flair.

I create artwork with one goal in mind, that you, the viewer will feel the magic I feel is present in our lives, all around us, in the beauty of nature and ourselves.

Do you feel like we're kindred spirits?

Work with me!